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Centennial College Cycling

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About the Program

The mission of the Centennial College Cycling Program is to offer a team-based cycling experience that is inclusive of all cyclists, regardless of gender or skill level.

The program aims to achieve
the following primary goals:


To offer a friendly and welcoming introduction to college-level cycling, encompassing both general riding and competitive racing for newcomers;


To provide avenues for high-performing cyclists to continue their education while availing themselves of advancement opportunities that align with both amateur and professional teams;


To foster personal growth and leadership skills in student-athletes, both in the context of cycling and in their wider academic and personal lives; and


To ensure the accessibility and affordability of the sport, allowing any interested student the chance to participate.

Program allows
students the opportunity to:

Attend cycling events across Australia & Overseas and represent Centennial College

Participate in regular cycling training, events and cross-country routes throughout the year

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